Actress Im Joo Eun Is Joining “Empress Ki” as New Female Antagonist

Actress Im Joo Eun will be joining MBC’s “Empress Ki” as a new female antagonist.


According to several broadcast officials on March 6, Im Joo Eun will make her first appearance on the show in mid-March. She is playing the role of Bayan Khutugh, based on the empress of the same name from the Yuan Dynasty, and will become the next empress in the drama, unseating Empress Tanashiri (Baek Jin Hee).

Bayan Khutugh (Im Joo Eun) stands against royal concubine Ki Seung Nyang (Ha Ji Won) in a manner different from the ferocious Tanashiri, and will develop a different structure of conflict, both with Ki Seung Nyang and Tanashiri. Entering “Empress Ki” mid-run as the new female antagonist, Im Joo Eun’s character has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and it will be interesting to see how things play out, and how things change.

Currently in the drama, Empress Tanashiri is in danger of everyone finding out that the prince is not her son, her biggest pitfall yet, and with the upcoming appearance of Im Joo Eun’s character, this just might be Tanashiri’s ultimate downfall.

Actress Im Joo Eun previously appeared in the dramas “Soul,” “Wild Romance,” “Arang and the Magistrate,” and most recently, the highly popular SBS drama “The Heirs,” and anticipation for her appearance in “Empress Ki” is high.