Hyun Bin Climbs Trees in New Zealand for Outdoor Clothing ‘K2’ CF

Actor Hyun Bin has been climbing trees in New Zealand for his upcoming CF with K2 outdoor clothing. The star shows off his Marine Corps training has he hovers over 30m above the ground in the forest. The concept of the photoshoot is “Treeverse” which is a combination of the words tree and traverse. Hyun Bin models a yellow jacket and matching yellow gloves in the CF.

Climbing trees seems to be no problem for the Marine Corps graduate. Hyun Bin looks confident as he goes up the tree.


Hyun Bin looks energetic as he enjoys the view from the top of the tree.


Hyun Bin enjoys the ride down the rope as he takes in the view. 


Below is Hyun Bin “treeversing” CF for K2.