YG Entertainment to Open “YG Land” in California

It’s like Disneyland, but with your favorite YG artists. Sort of.

On March 7, YG Entertainment announced that it planning to open “YG Land” in North America. The entertainment company has partnered up with M+D Properties to secure a location that will act as their outpost for their North American entry. The location will be in an upcoming outdoors mall in Orange County called “The Source.” The mall is set to open later this year, and is conveniently located in Buena Park, a mile away from Knots Berry Farm

YG Entertainment will use “YG Land” to promote their artists, including PSY, Big Bang, and 2NE1, with a wide range of content while also looking into more U.S. activities.  The location will also have a recording studio, practice room, and perhaps even a theater as an all-purpose location for their artist to work on full-scale productions in the U.S. 


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