Super Junior’s Heechul Celebrates His Ninth Anniversary Since Debut with Actor Choi Min Soo

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul celebrated nine years since his bebut.

Kim Heechul wrote on his Instagram on March 6, “They tell me today is my ninth anniversary since my debut.”

Kim Heechul thanked himself and wrote, “Heechul, thanks for reaching this far without causing any problems. Thank you, and I love you.” He also expressed his gratitude and wrote, “Thank you to all those who have been with me through the countless storms. Thank you, and I love you. SM too. Thank you, and I love you.”

He added, “I’m celebrating my ninth anniversary with Choi Min Soo hyung. Min Soo hyung, thank you, and I love you. Thank you for performing your song for me, my Min Soo.”

In the photo Kim Heechul posted, Choi Min Soo is singing with the guitar while Kim Heechul sits quietly and listens.

Despite the age difference, the two seems to have a strong bond with each other.

Choi Min Soo, Kim Hee Chul