Rain Feels Like A Lotto Winner After Teaming Up With “Running Man” Lee Kwang Soo

Singer Rain expressed his genuine excitement for being paired up with Lee Kwang Soo for the latest episode of “Running Man.

On the March 9 episode of “Running Man” that aired, Rain and Kim Woo Bin made special guest appearances for their “Australia Adventure” edition.

On that day, Rain and Lee Kwang Soo teamed up and became known as “Rain Kwang” or “Bi Kwang.” 

Kim Jong Kook commented on the pairing and Lee Kwang Soo’s popularity overseas, saying, “I want to be on Lee Kwang Soo’s team too. Do you know how useful of a teammate he’d be overseas?” Lee Kwang Soo responded humbly saying, “I’m not that useful!” causing everyone to laugh. 

Rain also remarked saying, “(Being on Lee Kwang Soo’s team) feels like winning the lotto.” 

Unfortunately, Song Ji Hyo‘s busy drama filming schedule kept her behind, so she arrived a day late to the filming of “Running Man” and was not seen in the first episode of the “Australia Adventure” edition. 


How would you feel teaming up with Lee Kwang Soo?