Jin Se Yeon Responds to Criticisms on Drama Overlap with “Age of Feeling” and “Doctor Stranger”

Actress Jin Se Yeon has responded to the recent criticisms that stated she was making overlapping appearances in different dramas at the same time.

Previously, a certain news outlet reported that Jin Se Yeon will be appearing in both KBS’ “Age of Feeling” and SBS’ “Doctor Stranger” at the same time, which caused many to criticize her.

However, Jin Se Yeon’s agency Early Bird spoke with OSEN on March 10 and stated, “There is no overlap. We received the consent from KBS and went to Hungary for four days. This has no effect on Jin Se Yeon’s ‘Age of Feeling’ schedule.”

The agency rep continued, “Actually, Jin Se Yeon was cast for ‘Doctor Stranger’ first. So she wasn’t going to join ‘Age of Feeling’ but they asked us to. Then, filming for ‘Doctor Stranger’ got delayed so she naturally decided to join ‘Age of Feeling.’ ‘Age of Feeling’ ends on April 2 and ‘Doctor Stranger’ premieres in early May. She will not be overlapping between the two dramas so we were very bewildered when we saw the reports.”

Meanwhile, Jin Se Yeon is currently acting as Kim Ok Ryun in “Age of Feeling.” She will also be joining Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin in “Doctor Stranger” in May.