Lee Bo Young Reveals Never-Before-Seen Wedding Photos with Ji Sung

Gods’ Gift- 14 Days” actress Lee Bo Young was the guest star on this week’s episode of SBS’ Monday talk show, “Healing Camp.” This ratings hit actress opened up about various subjects ranging from her career dreams before she became an actress to some personal habits of hers. 

Of particular interest to many viewers was her romance with husband and actor Ji Sung. From revealing that she avoided him for a while after his confession, to describing his marriage proposal to her, Lee Bo Young spoke openly about the couple’s courtship.

Lee Bo Young also revealed never before seen photos from her wedding with Ji Sung. As it was a private ceremony, photos from inside the wedding are scarce among the public, and these new photos show the love and happiness of the radiant couple during the wedding. 

Lee Bo Young explained that the concept of the wedding photo shoot was “The Little Prince and the Rose.” She also described how her then-fiance treated her like a rose and took care of all the wedding plans as she was busy filming her drama. She commented, “I really married comfortably.”

ji sung lee bo young wedding photos