Girls’ Generation YoonA Talks Dating Style, Weight Loss, and Acting

Girls’ Generation member YoonA, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon were guests for the March 11 broadcast of radio show “Park Kyung Lim’s 2 o’clock Date.” Since the group’s comeback with mini album “Mr.Mr.” members YoonA and Sooyoung have been asked about their romantic relationship with Lee Seung Gi and Jung Kyung Ho, respectively, every chance available.

This radio show was no different with host Park Kyung Lim indirectly asking YoonA about her relationship with Lee Seung Gi by prompting the singer to describe her dating style. YoonA replied with a light smile that a relationship needs an appropriate amount of constraints imposed on both partners by each other.

Also on the show, YoonA talked about her dual roles as an idol singer and actor. She explained, “Even though I debuted as an actor one month before [debuting as a singer], I think the fact that I am part of Girls’ Generation gave me a lot opportunities [as an actor]. Thus I was able to gather this much experience as an actor.”

YoonA also talked about her recent weight loss, describing how she started to lose weight after finishing filming her most recent drama “Prime Minister and I.” She added she was currently taking oriental medicine due to her lack of energy these days. She is also receiving acupuncture and taking care of what she eats.