SHINee Accuses Toheart of Copying “Dream Girl” in “Delicious”? + Toheart Showcase

Do you think SHINee‘s “Dream Girl” and Toheart‘s “Delicious” sound similar? It seems the four members of SHINee (Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, and Onew) think so as they mercilessly tease fellow member and one-half of Toheart, Key, in the support message video uploaded to SMTOWN‘s Youtube channel.

The adorable and funny video is filmed hidden-camera style, showing the members of SHINee gathered around a table backstage discussing the collaborative project duo Toheart. Member Jonghyun starts off the conversation asking what the team name of Key and Woohyun’s duo is. Minho jokingly gives the name Park Ji Sung, the soccer player who is often described as having two hearts due to his incredible stamina and endurance. Jonghyun seems to cautiously believe this at first before Taemin and Minho say in Korean what translates to English as “two hearts.” 

Minho continues the word play, saying the name of Toheart’s title track “Delicious” in Korean when Jonghyun asks what the name is. You could see Jonghyun getting a little frustrated with Minho’s less than straightforward answer. Jonghyun finally gets the correct name of the title out of Minho, while everyone ignores Onew’s quiet little joke- “why so delicious.” It’s okay, Onew, I’m laughing here at your little rhyme play. Why so serious, SHINee?

When Key enters the room, Jonghyun accuses him of lying about Toheart. Maknae Taemin corrects his hyung- Key didn’t lie. Minho clarifies- Key merely didn’t tell them anything. Everyone then asks indignantly why Key didn’t tell them anything. The badgered blondie explains that he was told it was supposed to be a secret. Jonghyun and Minho counter by asking how it could be a secret when they got a group chat message about Key’s schedule and the teaser was released online. Key explains he was first told it was a secret but later found out that everyone already knew. Jonghyun and Minho then express their disappointment that Key didn’t at least tell his fellow SHINee members about Toheart. Key retorts that secrets are leaked by your closest friends. Jonghyun laughs, imagining he and the other SHINee member rapidly leaking the secret about Toheart online to the public.

Key sings a phrase from “Delicious” that goes “sweet girl” and mischievous Taemin follows with a phrase from SHINee’s own song, “Dream Girl.” Minho immediately yells out to Key, “Why are you copying our song?!” Key sings the phrase again with some exaggeration to emphasize the difference this time, but Minho is ready with his own slow and precise rendition of “Dream Girl” that makes the two songs sound similar. 

Jonghyun asks Key how it feels to be in a duo unit, and Key replies that he feels good; he and Woohyun formed the unit because they are friends and not the other way around. Key and Woohyun plan to have fun and enjoy themselves with this album promotion.

Jonghyun finds out that Toheart’s showcase is on March 10, to which he says, “Let’s go!” They can go if their schedule for that day is open. Key pouts, saying Woohyun’s Infinite teammates came during the music video filming. Jonghyun counters quickly, “You need to tell us when you film the music video so we can go!” Onew adds that of course they would have gone if they had known, and Minho reminds Key that this was his mistake.

Taemin then tells the story of how he called their manager one day to ask him to take him somewhere when his manager told him that he was with Key who was filming a music video. Taemin asked wide-eyed, “What music video?!” 

Jonghyun cheers on Key, saying Toheart will do great, and then sings the chorus of SHINee’s “Dream girl” by replaces “dream” with “sweet.” Taemin asks Key to continue singing more of “Delicious,” which confirms to the other members that “Dream Girl” does indeed come out in “Delicious”! Key whines, “This is why I didn’t sing the song!”

Putting accusations of plagiarism aside, the mischievous boys of SHINee extend their hands to wish Toheart “fighting!”

“Fighting!” Toheart!

Melon has also released Toheart’s showcase through the 1theK official Youtube channel. Watch it below:

Now that I’ve heard it, it cannot be undone! Here is it:

Toheart- “Delicious”

SHINee- “Dream Girl”

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