Choiza, Lim Kim, and Philtre Is Sure to Depress You with Haunting “Last Scene” Track and MV

The full track and music video for Philtre‘s “Last Scene”  from album “Scene #2” is out, and it is sure to make to huddle up in some corner to cry. 

“Last Scene” is about the devastating feelings a person feels watching love’s final chapter coming to an end, and along with the eerie and minimalist images in the music video, the mood is set for a very depressing after effect. 

Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza provides the rap and soloist Lim Kim provides the vocals for this haunting song. Choiza’s indifferent and restrained rapping blends together flawlessly with Lim Kim’s husky voice to create a heavy atmosphere to the song.

Check out the track and music video for yourself below: