Girls’ Generation Wins on M!Countdown, Comebacks By Orange Caramel, 100% + More

Girls’ Generation took the win with “Mr.Mr” for the second week in a row on “M!Countdown,” proving their strong-as-ever popularity.

Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr” performance:

Girls’ Generation’s No.1 and full encore:

Many comebacks were made on this week’s “M!Countdown” as well including 100% and Orange Caramel.

100%’s comeback stage with “Beat“:

Orange Caramel’s “So Sorry” and “Catallena“:

Toheart, Park Soo Jin, SoReal, Troy and Huh Gong all made their debut stage this week as well.

Toheart’s “Tell Me Why” and “Delicious” performance:

Park Soo Jin debuts with “My Story“:

SoReal debuts with “My Heart Says“:

Troy debuts with “Green Light“:

Huh Gong’s performance of “I Love You

Other performances by 2NE1, CNBLUE, Sunmi, BTS and more on the next page!

2NE1 performs a new song “If I Were You” as well as “Come Back Home“:

CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop

BTS’ “Boy In Luv“:

Nell‘s “Four Times Around The Sun“:

Sunmi performs a special acoustic version of “Full Moon

BTOB’s “Beep Beep“:

Ladies CodeSo Wonderful

C-Clown‘s “Justice

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