Huh Gak Becomes a Father to a Baby Boy!

On March 14, singer Huh Gak’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The singer’s representative revealed that Huh Gak’s wife and child were both healthy and that the singer could not hide his happiness after his son’s birth.

Huh Gak also wrote on his fancafe saying, “Something has happened that should be congratulated. I have finally become a father. Please congratulate us. The child’s nickname is ‘Blessing’ because only blessed event have occurred after the child was conceived. Our house atmosphere has brightened up, as my wife and I are constantly laughing with joy. I did not know that being a father and a family man would be this touching. We will raise a happy and healthy child. Thank you again, and we hope that like the child’s nickname, he will receive many blessings from everyone.”

Congratulations to Huh Gak for becoming a new father. We hope for more blessing upon the new and growing family!

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