“Grandpas Over Flowers” Once Again Brings in Ratings for Episode 2 in Spain

The March 14 episode of tvN’s “Grandpas over Flowers” brought in high ratings, once again validating the cable show’s popularity. Episode two of the Spain trip averaged a viewership of 7.8%, while the episode’s highest rating reached 9.8%. These numbers were huge, considering that “Grandpas over Flowers” aired on a cable station.


The second episode featured the four veteran actors exploring Spain by themselves as the baggage boy, actor Lee Seo Jin, was expected to be absent for the first few days. Thus, the four veteran actors followed a well prepared tour guide to explore the architectural masterpieces of Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. As the grandpas visited the garden Park Güell to the cathedral La Sagrada Familia, the four actors were captured expressing their amazement and wonder at the intricate and beautiful designs. However, the day tour turned for the worst when the grandpas became lost on their way back to their dorms, causing a five minute walk to become an hour long search; luckily, the actors were finally able to find their rooms.

Curious about how the Spain vacation will be like with Lee Seo Jin’s return to the group? Catch next week’s episode of “Grandpas over Flowers,” as the baggage boy returns to assist the four grandpas throughout the rest of the trip. TvN’s “Grandpas over Flowers” broadcasts on Friday at 9:50 PM (KST).

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