100% Wants You to Listen to Their Heart “Beat” for Love in New MV and Album

Boy group 100% has released the full music video for title track “Beat” from their new album “Bang the Bush.”

Member Chanyong is the star of the music video, trapped inside a diamond-shaped glass encasement. He and the members portray the anger and pain from a broken heart figuratively through the choreography and quite literally, with Chanyong ripping out his heart in the end.

There are a total of six tracks in “Bang the Bush” mini album and composer Super Changddai pens both the title track “Beat” and first track “Heart.” K-Pop fans might already be familiar with his past compositional work including A Pink’s “I Don’t Know,” miss A’s “Love Again,”2PM’s “Ultra Lover,” and more. Check out the album preview here.

100% already had their comeback stages on music shows the previous week. You can check out their Inkigayo comeback stage here.