Solbi Makes Transformative Debut as Kwon Ji Ahn with “Special” MV

You might know her as Solbi, but she will from now promote with her actual name Kwon Ji Ahn!

Recently, Solbi has been working hard on honest expression through art, essays, and talks. With the upcoming album, she intends to show her absolute true self, with honest music and stories, going even further than the frank image that we have always seen on variety shows, which is why she decided on using her birth name.

Kwon Ji Ahn’s debut special mini album is “I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31,” and she has released the music video for title track “Special” today.  The track features Woo Yeon Ju. The music video was filmed home-video style in New York, and gives a candid look of the singer enjoying the city.

“I Am Like Fresh Ice Cream and 31” is available through online stores.