A-Prince Continues Jolting Slap Videos and Teaser Images with Member Sung Won

A-Prince is continuing their slow release of teaser videos and images for their upcoming comeback! The group unveiled a teaser image for member Sung Won, which follows a teaser video of him getting slapped by the popular female comedian Oh Na Mi. So far, A-Prince has released similar teaser images and videos for member Seung Jun and Si Yoon, as well. 

a prince sung won

In the teaser video, member Sung Won sits across Oh Na Mi. When the singer asked Oh Na Mi if she would “like to Kiss?” the question is immediately shot down with a slap, as Oh Na Mi says, “Get a hold of yourself!” You can see Sung Won trying to contain his surprised laughter at the end of the scene. Then a brief audio clip of A-Prince’s new song plays. 

Once again, here are the teaser images and clips for members Seung Jun and Si Yoon.

a prince seung jun

a prince si yoon

The group will make their comeback on March 28 with their song, “Do You Want to Kiss?”