[Gallery] Jay Park and 4Minute’s HyunA Rock SXSW 2014’s “K-Pop Night Out”

This SXSW K-Pop Night Out recap (along with the awesome pictures!) was contributed by Raquel and the rest of the K-pop San Antonio (KpopSA) team. KpopSA is a group dedicated to the community of San Antonio and surrounding cities in South Texas who have interest in K-pop, K-Dramas, and anything in Korean Entertainment. Be sure to join them on Facebook! -benightedxflame

On March 11, the night was highly anticipated for fans attending the K-Pop Night Out Showcase as part of music conference SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX. Fans wrapped around street corners to get a glimpse of hip-hop/R&B artist Jay Park, and 4Minute’s very own HyunA. Other acts presented by the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) included Jambinai, Nell, Hollow Jan, Crying Nut, and Idiotape.

Enough delay! Check out some of the highlights of Jay Park’s and HyunA’s performances at SXSW 2014 and let us know what you think!


Jay Park walks out on stage with confidence

With no fear, Jay Park gets the crowd pumped with his quick and aggressive rap lyrics. Fans start jumping to the beat as cheers could be heard throughout the venue.


Jay Park thanks fans

After his first song, Jay Park thanks his fans who came out to see him. As the crowd briefly silenced to await his next performance, a fan yelled out, “Jay I love you!”

Jay Park modestly spoke into the microphone and replied, “I love you too,” causing fans the cheer for him once more.


LOCO takes the stage with Jay Park

Jay Park announces a special guest who will be performing with him. New AOMG artist, LOCO, greets the crowd with a gentle cheeky smile only to surprise fans with his unique sound of soothing yet aggressive rap lyrics. Considering he is a new promoting artist, LOCO took the stage as if he were a veteran performer like Jay Park.


Jay Park and LOCO continue to rock the stage

Fans continuously cheered for the duo as the energy of venue only seemed to get higher by every song. Jay Park then encourages fans to listen to more of LOCO’s songs, and later announces a new album set to be released in May.


Jay Park and LOCO serenade a fan

As the instrumental music track slowly silenced, one fan was lucky enough to have Jay Park and LOCO rap and sing to her acapella. LOCO let out a spur of Korean rap lyrics to her, only to have Jay Park ask her immediately afterwards, “Did you understand any of that?” causing the crowd to laugh.


Fans sing along to “JOAH” & “Know Your Name”

Jay Park’s soulful voice echoed through the venue. He happily smiled as he pointed his microphone toward the crowd to only hear his lyrics being sung to him. Fans cheered and sang “JOAH” & “Know Your Name” in perfect unison.


Jay Park eventually takes his shirt off

Enough said.


Jay Park sings his heart out…without his shirt

Last one I swear.


Shirtless Jay Park thanks his fans one more time

Jay Park thanks his fans once more for coming to see him perform in Austin, and says hopefully we can see him again soon.

Okay, I’m done.


HyunA takes the stage as the final act

Fans cheered for HyunA as she happily took the stage with all smiles. She greeted fans with her soft, cute voice, “Hello everyone! Nice to meet you!” and waved towards the crowd.

Fans couldn’t wait for her to perform!


HyunA performs “Bubble Pop”

Fans cheered as the instrumental of HyunA’s summer 2011 hit “Bubble Pop” started playing throughout the venue. HyunA began singing and the crowd quickly began to sing along with her. She and her back-up dancers got the crowd even more excited with their cute and sexy dance moves.


HyunA talks with fans

After performing her first song, HyunA thanks the crowd for seeing her perform. Immediately after, a fan yelled out to her, “I love you HyunA!”

HyunA looks in the direction of the fan, smiles and says, “Oh, I love you too!” Fans then swooned over her natural cuteness.


“Change” is sexy!

HyunA turned up the sexiness by performing a dance number and then to her solo-debut song “Change.” The crowd couldn’t get enough of her!


“Do you know Ice Cream?”

After taking a breath from her fierce “Change” performance, HyunA asks the crowd, “Do you know Ice Cream?” The crowd replies back, “Yes!” HyunA then starts singing the lyrics to her song, “Ice cream.”

The crowd finishes the lyrics, “I melt you down like ice cream.”


HyunA thanks fans once more

After HyunA melted everyone like ice cream, she greeted her fans goodbye and said, “That is all, see you next time!”

She waved goodbye as she walked off stage as fans sadly waved goodbye in return – the crowd wanted more of HyunA!


That’s all for today folks! Were you at SWSX’s K-Pop Night Out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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