Top 5 Best Looking K-Pop Idol Managers

Recently on the March 18 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” a special section featured the people behind the scenes of the K-Pop idols we love, their managers. Idol mangers support their artists in a variety of ways: arranging their schedules, promoting, running errands, and even being their bodyguard. Good-looks aren’t required, but those who have it gather a little fan base of their own. “The Show” listed the top five idol managers nominated by the show’s viewers through its SNS accounts between March 11- 15. About 230 people participated.”The Show” ranked the managers according to the number of nominations he received, giving us the top five good-looking K-Pop idol managers. Check out the ranking below!

5. BEAST‘s manager’s Mr. Hong Jin Taek with 5% of the nominations.

beast manager 2

4. Fiestar‘s manager, Mr.Choi, who is called know to fans as the “one-second Taecyeon” due to his fleeting similarity to the idol. He received 7% of the nominations.

fiestar manager 2

3. IUs manager, Mr. Park, who received 10% of the nominations.

Iu manager 2

2. Jay Park‘s manager, Mr. Kang, who received 29% of the nominations

jay park manager 2

1. VIXX‘s manager, Mr. Go, took first place with 49% of the nominations.

vixx manager 2

Soompiers, do you agree with this list? Which other idol managers do you think are good-looking too? Leave your selection comment below!

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