“Real Men” Staff Explains That Henry’s Mathematical Genius Was Not Manipulated

Variety show “Real Men” recently cleared up the controversy that claimed that the show was set up in regards to last week’s episode when Henry solved the difficult math problem.

“Real Men” sources commented, “It is true that there was an intentional and dramatic comparison due to the editing. However, it is impossible to set up something like that while filming.”

Last week’s episode of “Real Men” showed Super Junior-M‘s Henry solving a difficult math problem with ease and in a very timely manner, which was a very hot topic. However, one of the regular soldiers in the same unit posted on his personal Faceook, “Henry didn’t even get it right. He said he didn’t know,” which was the start of the controversy.

But according to the “Real Men” staff, Henry at first wrote down “I don’t know keke” on the piece of paper and handed it in, which made everyone laugh. However, he worked out the problem and gave the right answer afterwards, which surprised everyone. But the part where Henry wrote “I don’t know” was cut out from the episode that aired.

The staff commented, “It is impossible to set up situations on ‘Real Men.’ Making it seem like the other soldiers took a long time while Henry didn’t take very long was just a result of the editing.”

They continued, “That may have caused other soldiers to be upset. But it is true that Henry solved the problem on his own and there was no set up. From the math problem being posted to Henry’s correct answer, everything was real. It was just a matter of the editing to make things more dramatic.”

After this became an issue, the soldier who originally posted the message on his Facebook, posted yet another message to clear things up, “I’m embarrassed to have created a misunderstanding.”

The soldier posted, “I didn’t know that my casual conversations with my Facebook friends could become such a big deal so with a shocked heart, I will explain. I myself solved the problem quicker than the broadcast made it seem and Henry took more than 10 seconds to solve it. So it is true that it was edited to make it seem more dramatic.”

He continued, “I was just telling my friends that I was personally disappointed that the broadcast came out like that but it was definitely not a set up. I was really into solving the problem and at first, Henry wrote, ‘I don’t know keke’ and handed it in. But suddenly, as if he was joking, he handed in another piece of paper with the correct answer, which shocked everyone. I’m embarrassed to have created a misunderstanding.”

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