Infinite’s Woohyun Explains How He Converts Antis to Fans

Currently a part of the project duo ToHeart with SHINee’s Key, Infinite’s Woohyun revealed how he converted an anti to a fan for the March 25 episode of Mnet’s “Beatle’s Code 3D.”

On the show, host Shin Dong Yeop said he had heard there was a story of how Woohyun made an anti into a fan just with a couple of words. Woohyun explained, “An anti-fan’s expression became very serious and they started insulting me. And because I couldn’t do the same, I said jokingly, ’Honey, you’re home! Have you eaten?’ and I gave that person an autograph.”

When Shin Dong Yeop expressed surprise, saying that normally people would call over their managers, Woohyun said, “I want to make great memories with my fans. Because popularity isn’t forever.”