Lena Park Is Making Her First Comeback in 2 Years, with First Part of Collab Series

Singer Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) recently announced her two-year comeback on April 18, with her new mini album “Syncrofusion.”

Park’s agency Blueprint Music released a teaser image on the morning of March 26, showing the singer with intense black eye makeup, with the text, “20140418 Coming Soon, Syncrofusion, Lena Park + Team89.”

Under the slogan, “Sync with musicians that you want to work with! Fusion of genres that can’t be done in regular albums,” Park will be releasing a collaboration series with various musicians with unique styles and sounds. For the first project, she will be working on her mini album with Team89, the producing team for Yoon Jong Shin‘s agency Mystic89, , bringing a new style to the music that Park’s fans know and love from her.

With her intense teaser, the stark opposite of her usual innocent image, anticipation is high as to what kind of music will be featured on the album.

Along with the announcement of her comeback, Park will also be holding her first solo concert in 2 years. From May 9-11, and May 16-18, for two weeks, she will be holding a total of 6 performances at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.