Lee Min Ho Offered $470,000 for a Cameo in a Chinese Drama

You think someone’s popular, and then there’s Lee Min Ho popular. To put things into perspective, actor Lee Min Ho was offered 500 million won (about 470,000 USD) to make a cameo appearance in a Chinese drama. Not bad. NOT. BAD.

Hallyu contents expert Ma Seol said on the March 26 episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment,” “Lee Min Ho’s per episode pay in China is about 500 million won. But it’s to the point where if he’s not the main character, he can just do a cameo. One place even offered him 500 million won just to make cameo appearance.”

This episode of “Night of TV Entertainment” went on to shed some more light on the sheer scale of Korean drama popularity in China.

In the case of actor Kim Soo Hyun from “Man From the Stars,” one company increased their sales by 40% after using Kim Soo Hyun as a model, and for “Man From the Stars” costar Jun Ji Hyun, the clothes and accessories that she wore instantly became trending items.