[Recap] Teen Top Goes “Crazy” During “High Kick” Tour in NYC

Last Sunday night was a roller-coaster ride of emotions as fans (“Angels”) laughed, cries and obsessed over their favorite K-Pop celebs at the first stop of the U.S. leg of Teen Top’s “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour” in NYC. The tour, crowdfunded by fans via Krowdpop, is part of Mnet America’s Headliner series, which also brought U-KISS and CNBlue’s U.S. tours this year. The tour will spawn documentary series “Go! Teen Top,” which will give fans an insider look into the boys’ lives behind-the-scenes.


Even before the show began, the Best Buy Theater in Times Square was abuzz with fans’ excitement as a wave of fan chants could be heard echoing around the venue. At 7:30, the white curtain covering the stage dramatically gave way to the six shadows in a picture-perfect formation. Niel, Changjo, Chunji, L.Joe, Ricky and C.A.P, appearing under spotlights on a raised platform, prompted earsplitting screams from the fans as they made their way center stage. The sextet opened their set with their newest single “Rocking,” their fancy footwork and super synchronized dancing an exhilarating prelude of what was to come.


After plowing through several opening numbers, Teen Top officially introduced themselves to the deafening roar of the crowd with a “What’s Up, New York,” thanking the audience profusely for making their dreams come true by bringing them to one of the most iconic cities in the world (Chunji: “I feel like I’m dreaming!”).


Throughout the concert, Teen Top makes a genuine effort to speak directly to the fans without the use of a translator, of which gave birth to several hilarious English back-and-forths (Niel: “We’re so handsome!”Changjo: “No handsome! Ugly!”). The night was also full of never-ending action, as Teen Top rotated through solo stages and collaboration – even making time for English covers of American classics. From James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” to Bruno Mars’ “Marry U,” the boys did a great job of keeping their audience in mind, interjecting the concert with plenty of cultural references and English slang.


Fans witnessed first-hand Niel and Chunji’s power vocals, L.Joe’s eye smile, C.A.P’s charismatic rapping, and Changjo’s variety wit. Surprisingly, Ricky was one of the members that performed the most fan service – though he remained relatively quiet through the others’ speeches, he never forgot to give appreciative smiles and quick waves to even the fans on the upper balconies.


The fans showed their gratitude another way: from the beginning to the end of Teen Top’s debut song “Clap,” banners with “Saranghae” (I love you) could be seen waving around the venue, forming an ocean of white. “Miss Right” and “To You,” one of the final songs before an extended encore, aroused the participation of all those in the crowd as they sang and followed along to Teen Top’s hit singles and signature hand movements.


As the last note of mash-up encore featuring “Marry U,” Owl City’s “Good Time,” and “Crazy” rang around the venue, Teen Top’s time on the NYC stage came to an end. After the LA stop of their tour on March 25, Teen Top will be greeting fans in San Jose on March 28 and Toronto, Canada on March 30. If you have a chance, be sure to catch them performing live!

Meanwhile, here are some member close-ups for your viewing pleasure~




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Teen Top “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour” NYC Setlist:

  • Rocking
  • Walk By
  • Be Ma Girl
  • No More Perfume on You
  • I Wanna Love
  • Never Go Back
  • Baby U
  • Date
  • Niel, C.A.P, Chunji – Call You Mine (Jeff Bernat) 
  • L.Joe, Ricky, Changjo – Love (Cody Simpson)
  • To You
  • Brushing the Back of My Hand
  • Changjo, Chunji, Niel – Hello
  • L. Joe – Love You
  • C.A.P – No
  • Angel
  • You’re Beautiful (James Blunt)
  • Supa Luv
  • Clap
  • Don’t I
  • Lovefool
  • Changjo, C.A.P, L.Joe – Rockstar
  • Why
  • So Sweet
  • Oh Good/Get Crazy
  • Miss Right


  • Marry You (Bruno Mars)
  • Good Time (Owl City)
  • Crazy
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