The Orange Caramel Girls Feel Comfortable Being Naked at Home

The Orange Caramel girls came on the KBS radio show “Lee So Ra’s Music Square” and Nana, Lizzy and Raina talked about they don’t really wear anything at home.

When DJ Lee So Ra asked them, “Do you guys have any interest in fashion or beauty? Do you guys wear make-up at home as well,” the girls replied, “No, we tend to get naked at home because we feel uncomfortable wearing them.”

Lee So Ra then asked, “But you wear underwear right?” to which Raina answered, “There are times when we don’t wear it when we sleep because we heard that it’s healthy to do so. Nana doesn’t wear it.”

At the end, to Lee So Ra’s question as whether it feels awkward to not wear anything while sleeping, Nana laughed and responded, “No, I like it because it feels comfortable and refreshing.”

While there were some positive comments to this, many netizens felt like every singer who makes a comeback says these statements just to promote their singles and to stir news. What do you guys think?