SM Entertainment Releases More Details about EXO’s April Comeback

SM Entertainment has officially confirmed EXO‘s comeback as well provided new details on their promotions!

EXO will indeed hold a comeback showcase on April 15 as previously announced through Samsung Music. Users of Samsung Music between April 1 to 9 will be able to grab a chance to win tickets the show.

EXO will be coming back with a new mini album whose title has not been revealed yet. Most notable about this comeback is the separate and simultaneous promotion of the new album by EXO-K and EXO M. EXO-K will be focusing on promoting in Korea while EXO-M promotes in China. An inside source stated, “EXO will promote as twelve in Korea for about one to two weeks, but will basically promote the new song separately.”

EXO is currently preparing for their new album promotions. Other comeback events are being prepared apart from the Samsung Music event.

What do you think of EXO’s promotion style for the new album?

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