Sehun and Tao’s Teaser Pictures for EXO’s Comeback Revealed

Following the release of solo teaser pictures of Kai and Luhan yesterday, it is now Sehun and Tao‘s turn.

Just like yesterday, the EXO members have a serious look on their faces while standing over a mirrored surface.

Sehun wears a white outfit while standing in front of a neon blue background. Like Kai and Luhan, his hair is styled wildly up.


While most of Tao’s image is in black and white, the reflection is seen in color.


For this comeback, EXO will hold a comeback showcase on April 15 through Samsung Music. Also, it has been revealed that the group will split up for promotions with EXO-K promoting in Korea while EXO-M promotes in China. An inside source stated, “EXO will promote as twelve in Korea for about one to two weeks, but will basically promote the new song separately.”

Are you getting excited for their comeback? Which pair of members are you hoping to come out tomorrow?