Lee Jun Ki Cast as Gunslinger in New Drama, “The Joseon Shooter”

Actor Lee Jun Ki has been confirmed for the new KBS historical romance action drama, “The Joseon Shooter.” For his first comeback to the small screen in a year, he will be playing the role of Park Yoon Kang, the last swordsman of the Joseon era who becomes a gunslinger and a hero of the people.

Through his agency, Lee Jun Ki said that what captivated him the most with this drama in particular among the many proposals he received was the role of a shooter, which hasn’t often appeared in Korean dramas, and various charismatic aspects of the story, including the story of how his character Park Yoon Kang couldn’t help but to learn how to shoot.

“The Joseon Shooter” will start filming mid-April, and will air in June on KBS 2TV.