Sunny Confesses She Felt Uncomfortable Due to Media Coverage on Her and Lee Seo Jin

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny revealed that the relationship between her and “Grandpas Over FlowersLee Seo Jin has turned slightly awkward and uncomfortable.

Having lent her voice for animation movie “Rio 2,” the idol participated in the interview session of the film held at Conrad Hotel on April 8. As the reporters took turns asking Sunny questions, she was asked about Lee Seo Jin, who chose Sunny as his ideal type, and with whom she appeared on “Grandpas Over Flowers.”

Laughing, Sunny replied, “It was very uncomfortable due to the broadcasts and interviews,” and continued, “Lee Seo Jin oppa updated me on the shows and interviews. He even told me that a special episode will air. When I was asked during a show, ‘Do you keep in touch?’ I replied, ‘We text every now and then,’ but I had no idea it would be so covered by the media.”

“It seemed like we have a mysterious relationship, so I felt very apologetic towards him. I feel like the articles appeared due to what I said, so even contacting him is awkward,” she expressed, “I am watching his drama well. I should send a supporting message to him; it has been a while.”

Having appeared on the popular TV show herself, Sunny was asked whether she still follows the grandpas’ adventures. “I am stil watching it. I also wanted to go to Spain,” she revealed in a cute manner.

“Rio 2” starring Sunny, ZE:A‘s Siwan, and Ryu Seung Ryong as the voices will premiere on May 1 in Korea.