Eddy Kim Holds First Showcase Performance for Debut Album, “The Manual”

On the afternoon of April 11, Eddy Kim filled the IFC Mall’s M Pub in Yeouido, Seoul with the sound of his voice and guitar at his first showcase as a solo artist, and as MYSTIC89’s first male soloist from the audition show “Superstar K.”

He was introduced by producer and MYSTIC89 CEO Yoon Jong Shin, who stated that his confidence in Eddy Kim is such that he had no qualms putting his own name and brand on the line with the rookie artist.

With Eddy Kim’s entrance, looking sharp in a black pattern-contrasted suit jacket, the singer gave a short introduction, and went right into a performance of the title track called “Push & Pull” from his new album.

The showcase included performances of four of the six songs from his new album, and an interview with Eddy Kim and Yoon Jong Shin, where they answered various questions about Eddy Kim’s journey with music, his dating style, his pledge if he tops the music charts, and more!

Update: Find Out More about Eddy Kim in His Showcase Interview! His Dating Style, Pledge for Number 1, and More!