Hyun Bin Surprises Fans with a Long-Awaited Guerilla Date

Actor Hyun Bin‘s popularity is as high as ever, causing the streets of Hongdae to fill up with enthusiastic fans to catch a glimpse of the star during his guerilla date.

Stills from the upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” featuring the guerilla date locations of Hyun Bin’s outing have attracted a lot of interest on online discussion boards. As this was his first public appearance in a while, the fans showed extremely hot responses to the actor’s attractive smile, impressively good looks, and gentle manners.

In no time, Hyun Bin was surrounded by numerous fans, causing the streets of Hongdae to fill up with excited citizens. Reporter Kim Tae Jin led the short interview and gave the fans a possibility to play fun games with the star, and even take selcas together with the handsome actor.

As the leading actor of the upcoming historical movie “The Fatal Encounter,” the expectations are rising for Hyun Bin and his first project since completing his military service. The film is set to premiere on April 30, and you can watch the trailer here.