[Exclusive] Interview with Uprising YouTube Star Megan Lee!

Some might already be familiar with Megan Lee through her participation on MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” or have come across one of her many videos on YouTube. Already active as a YouTube artist, she continually tries to stretch her boundaries as an artist. Currently preparing for her official debut, which is just around the corner, Megan Lee was gracious enough to set aside time from her VERY busy schedule (read the interview to find out) to share with us her pretty awesome journey.

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Name: Megan Lee
D.O.B: September 18,1995 in California, United States
Agency Label: Soulshop Entertainment
Appearances: “Birth of a Great Star” season 1 & 2

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YouTube Channel

* March 2011 – Love, Laugh & Live [Single]
* July 2011 – Destiny [Single]
* October 2011 – Destiny [Single]

* 2008 – Tranquility [Role: Sun Kim] – Short Film
* 2009 – Crush [Role: Jeremy’s Sister]- Short Film
* 2010 – The Legend of Beaver Dam [Role: JuJu] – Short Film
* 2010 – The Case Against Jill [Role: Jill] – Short Film

* 2008 – Award of Merit (U.S.) for short film “Tranquility”
* 2009 – Orange County Youth Talent Competition (U.S.) {Winner: Vocal category}
* 2012 – Jason Mraz Cover Song Contest (organized by Warner Music Korea) {Winner}

megan lee kim tae woo wide

Megan Lee posing with senior Kim Tae Woo

Q: What kind of promotional activities did you have in the U.S. before coming to Korea?
I became a child actress and model in the U.S. when I was ten years old. I took part in many various projects like television commercials, children programs, and short films. Afterwards, I became active on YouTube uploading music and covers. Through the exposure from the platform, I had the chance to open up for the LA Dodgers at the Dodger Stadium in Anaheim, California and also perform at other venues.

Q: How did you end up in South Korea?
Even though I was born and raised in the U.S., I really like Korea and I especially like K-Pop. I fell in love with the unique element of K-Pop lyrics and the appealing melodies that aren’t found in American pop music. After I got the chance to participate in an audition program that was aired on public television, I returned to the U.S. However, because of my greed and deep desire to study K-Pop, I persuaded my parents so that I can go back to South Korea. Right now, I’m under Soulshop Entertainment along with senior Kim Tae Woo and am currently training to get ready [for debut].

July 2011 || Nice Girls – Nice Guys Cover feat. Justin Chon

Q: What made you start uploading videos onto YouTube and if there’s one you particularly remember?
I was 12 years old when I was in the U.S. modeling and acting when I ran across another YouTube artist’s music video on the platform. I thought it was really cool that one can be musically active and perform through the internet without being restricted to time. Because I always loved music and had a blast when I’m singing, I decided to give it a try and upload a video on YouTube. People who had the chance to look at my video left sincere words of encouragement on the page and via email. I was very encouraged with those words and grew a desire to touch a lot of people. That’s how I became active on YouTube for the past six years.

Q: How much interest did you receive through YouTube?
Out of the videos I’ve uploaded onto YouTube, I have more than four videos with over 2 to 10 million views. I already have over 206,440,000 total views on my YouTube channel and just the subscribers alone total more than 185,000. I’m always thankful because there are many people who are invested and cheering me on. I want to return their support with high quality music.

September 2010 || Justin Bieber – Somebody to Love

May 2011 || Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song 

Q: What’s your most popular video?
It’s probably a cover of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.” I had a blast making this video with other people and changed up the provocative lyrics so that it would be more wholesome and fit my style. That’s probably why I had fun singing it and a lot of people liked it. Another video would be Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love.” When I was recording the song, a lot of people showed interest because my voice back then sounded similar to Justin Bieber’s voice when he was younger. Because of that, my cover was played on many radio stations in the U.S. It was fascinating that my voice was being heard by many corners of the U.S. After that, I thought that it was possible to have my song, not a cover song, to be heard in the different areas of the U.S.

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December 2010 || Auditioning for “Birth of a Great Star”

Q: What’s your motive to audition for “Birth of A Great Star” and are there any special memories? (Difficult moments, happy moments)
Three years ago, I came across MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star” and ended up auditioning for the program. I placed within the top ten and was flown out to Korea as one of final contestants from the U.S. My Korean was so bad back when I first came to Korea that I didn’t even understand when they told me I passed. Besides the simple greetings, I couldn’t understand anything without a translator so it was difficult during that period.

However, I met a lot of good friends and mentors through “Birth of a Great Star.” I learned a lot and made a lot of realizations, and through them, I was able to be more in tune with my Korean heritage. I think I’ve changed a lot. I’m always thankful- especially to Lena Park as she, even to this day, still consistently encourages me. She’s my role model.

When you bring up “Birth of a Great Star,” I still vividly remember my different experiences [from the different seasons]- when I got picked as one of Lena Park’s four disciples for her mentor school and the other season when I got dropped from the audition program right before contestants were to perform live. Even though I went through a lot while auditioning for the program, it has changed my life- it’s my turning point. If I didn’t grab this big opportunity, I would probably still be in the U.S. taking on acting and modeling gigs while being active as a YouTube artist.

February 2011 || 2NE1 – I Don’t Care

Q: How did you get to sing a duet with Jason Mraz and any inside stories?
I had a chance to meet with Jason Mraz, the original singer of “Lucky,” and we ended up singing a duet on the spot. In 2012, I participated in a cover contest by Warner Music and won first place. I was gifted a guitar from Jason Mraz and he invited me to his concert in Korea. At the time, he was fascinated that an Asian spoke fluent English so he asked me where I was from. I told him that I’m from California and came to Korea to study its music and he welcomed me as he’s also from California. Also, it wasn’t planned, but Jason Mraz took some time out of his schedule and we had a fun time singing and hanging out. I’m very thankful. I’ll never forget when he asked me back then why I wanted to do music. He advised me that I should never forget that first pure encounter [with music] and to always remember that moment. Also, he cheered me on by saying we should perform together on stage some day. I’m so thankful.

August 2012 || Jason Mraz – Lucky feat. Megan Lee 

Q: Any last words?
In order to present mature music and a better self image, I practice on average 12 hours a day every day. Even though I’m practicing long and hard in the rehearsal room, I’m excited that I’ll be able to meet you guys soon. The album that I’ve been working on this whole time is planned to be out in the first half of this year. Please anticipate it.

Even though she looks really young (and is~), she is an ambitious girl who is steadily improving her talents since childhood.

She signed on with Soulshop Entertainment to hone her music and acting skills so that she can present herself professionally to the public when she makes her debut. Despite having many offers from various agencies, she followed producer and singer Kim Tae Woo who thinks sincerity and skills are important in regards to music.

She’s currently preparing to make her official debut, which is scheduled during the first half of this year! 

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