Hyun Bin’s Family Is Currently Building a 10 Billion Won Building in Gangnam

Actor Hyun Bin (age 32) is currently building a 10 billion won (about 10 million USD) building in Cheongdam-dong, a posh neighborhood in Gangnam District.

On April 16, the Gangnam District Office revealed that the organization Hyun Bin’s family is managing, HB Family Holdings, is allowed to build a 7-story building in the neighborhood of Cheongdam. The total floor space is 1,592.54 meter squared and the area is 362.5 meter squared.

It was reported that HB Family Holdings didn’t take out any loans, but bought the property in cash, which amounts to 4.8 billion won (about 4.8 million USD).

A real estate agent shared, “There are many luxurious houses located where the building is being built. After the building is open, it looks like the area’s value with increase by at least 10 billion won (about 10 million USD).

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin recently made his long-anticipated comeback after his military service through movie “The King’s Wrath.”