Lee Joon Used to Be a Wig Model Before His Debut?

Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently revealed that he used to be a model in the past, and not just any model, but a wig model.

On the April 15 episode of MNet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the photos of Lee Joon modeling were unveiled by the MCs.

MC Shindong asked the guests, “Is there someone who has worked since a young age?” and Lee Joon was the first brave one to answer, “I appeared on the movie ‘Ninja Assassin‘ before my debut.”

When asked to reveal what he did before that, the idol confessed, “Stuff like home shopping… I even worked as a fitting model for wigs.” Hearing this, Shindong grabbed photos proving this and revealed old pictures of Lee Joon showcasing a variety of wigs. 

Even though the photos are taken before his debut, his good looks and charming smile look exactly the same. He explained, “These were taken when I was 20 years old.”

Shindong continued, “How much did you earn?” to which Lee Joon replied, “My hourly wage was around 40,000won (~40USD). It was a very satisfying part-time job.” As others expressed their envy over the high salary, MC Jang Dong Min could not help but joke, “They must be waiting for you to turn bald.”

MC Shin Dong Yup said to Lee Joon, “I heard you went to many auditions before debuting, but surprisingly, you were rejected every time.” The idol revealed the reason behind this, “They focused on my appearance, and told me that my eyes are too far apart. They told me that my eyes will look even more far apart on camera, so I massaged my nose [to make it more defined], but it didn’t help.”

Shin Dong Yup caused everyone to burst in laughter as he said, “You should have done that at a young age. I did it and turned out like this. One day my nose became higher, but my eyes were cornered. That was when I realized that if you get one thing, you will lose something else.”

Were you aware of Lee Joon’s previous modeling activities?

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