Controversy Raised Over Shinhwa Andy’s Fan Meeting in China

Shinhwa member Andy, who is currently taking time off with self-reflection, has made plans for a solo fan meeting in China.

According to Andy’s agency T.O.P Media, there are many Chinese fans who want a fan meeting with Andy and have continuously made requests, so they couldn’t help but to consent.

At news of the agency’s decision to hold the fan meeting, Andy and Shinhwa’s fans became quite upset. Previously, the agency had said, “At continued requests for a fan meeting, we simply said that we’d consider it, but a poster that Chinese fans had made was posted on SNS. However, no final decision has been made.”

Moreover, with the entertainment industry having come to a full stop with the Sewol ferry incident, that Andy is holding a Chinese fan meeting during his supposed time of restraint and self-reflection is not being received well by fans. Andy also previously took the stage at the end of Shinhwa’s 16th anniversary concert last month, apologizing and saying he’d be back with Shinhwa at the end of the year, but at news of his solo fan meeting, fans are raising voices of disappointment.

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