Akdong Musician (AKMU) Wins No.1 for SBS Inkigayo with “200%”

Sibling duo Akdong Musician has taken their second win with debut track “200%“! Following one  from “M!Countdown,” Akdong Musician won first place at SBS “Inkigayo.”

Unfortunately, like the April 17 episode of “M!Countdown,” the April 20 episode of “Inkigayo” did not air due to almost all non-news related TV programs being halted while the Sewol ferry disaster is ongoing in Korea. Akdong Musician’s win on “Inkigayo” was announced through the show’s homepage

Akdong Musician’s “200%,” HIGH4 and IU‘s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” and A Pink‘s “Mr.Chu” were the front runners, with Akdong Musician taking the win with a total of 9556 points from 6000 points for digital sales, 3500 points for SNS, and 56 points for viewers’ votes.  HIGH4 and IU took second place with 7447 points (4732 digital + 2709 SNS + 6 votes) and A Pink took third with 4291 points (2322 digital + 1808 SNS + 161 votes).

Congrats to Akdong Musician!

Here is the music video for “200%”: