BoA on Acting and Her First Film, “Make Your Move”: “I Want to Build My Filmography and Grow as an Actor”

In a recent interview with Daily Sports, BoA opened up about her first major acting stint in the Hollywood film “Make Your Move.”

Because you speak English well, it seems the movie dialogue would’ve been pretty easy for you.

“It was actually really hard. There’s every-day English, and there’s script English. Not only does the pronunciation have to be accurate, the emotion has to be there, too. There was also a lot of pressure because previous Korean actors who did Hollywood movies were very good at English. I thought that at the very least I should have a command of English such that I’m not embarrassed. Before filming, I even had pronunciation lessons.”

You must’ve felt a lot of pressure because your film debut was through Hollywood.

“I wasn’t pressured because it was a Hollywood film, but because it was my first time acting. If it had been a traditional movie, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. Because it was a dance movie, and there were a lot of parts where I could express emotion through dance rather than words, I decided to do it.”

Did you always have goals for acting?

“Before doing this film, I never had the time to seriously think about acting. I always thought it just wasn’t my field. But after doing ‘Make Your Move,’ I really felt the beauty of acting, and started to think more deeply about it. It’s a different feeling from performing on stage.”

You have intense couple dances with Derek Hough.

“I didn’t know it would turn out that intense. (laughs) The dance scenes are usually filmed as a one-take. The dances with Derek Hough were done as a one-take, as well, and as emotion builds in the dance, expressions get more realistic, and touch becomes more natural, too. And because Derek Hough is a professional dancer, we ended up competing with each other a little bit, as well.”

Do you stay in touch with Derek Hough?

“Because we’re in different countries, it’s harder to keep in touch. After we finished the movie, we would exchange e-mails, but now that we’ve both become busy, it’s been a while. I went to the U.S. for movie promotions for the first time in a long time, and we immediately started joking and talking as if we had seen each other just the day before. While we first met for work, because we danced and struggled together through tough dance practices, we got pretty close.”

TVXQ’s Yunho did a cameo for the film.

“When I heard Yunho was going to cameo in the film, I was really happy. Despite his busy schedule, he came all the way out to the States to shoot the scene. I heard that he came, shot the scene, and immediately flew back to Korea. I was really thankful.”

Do you have any ambitions for areas outside of acting?

“Now that I’ve started acting, I want to slowly build my filmography and grow as an actor.”

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