Who Do You Think Can be the Next Hyori?

Lee Hyori has been known as the sexy queen of K-Pop ever since the former Fin.K.L member’s solo debut sparked her reign as the sexy icon of Korean music. However, with the rise of many sexy female singers, many have begun wondering who could be the next Lee Hyori. Yet, for one to even be considered to qualify as a the next Lee Hyori, the singer must have several traits that define her musical presence. 

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First, Lee Hyori’s soaring confidence has been one of the reasons as to why the singer has been able to maintain her seat as the sexy queen. Despite the passing years, Lee Hyori’s never-ending confidence on and off stage has made her performances exciting and eye catching. Simply looking sexy is not enough.

One K-Pop representative expressed, “These days many female singers are going for the sexy concept, trying to garner male fans. However, Lee Hyori has always been different because not only is she sexy, but she is able to show off a charming confidence on stage which has resulted in the singer also receiving love from female music listeners.”

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Moreover, besides showing her confidence on stage, the singer has also shown her confidence off stage as she often voiced her opinion on social matters. Known as a leading figure for animal rights, the singer’s openness on matters close to heart allowed for her to be seen as relatable rather than simply an image created for K-Pop.

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Then who could possibly be seen as the next Lee Hyori? Music representatives have chosen 2NE1‘s CL and Brown Eyed GirlsGa In. Last year, CL had a special stage with Lee Hyori at SBS‘ “Gayo Daejun,” showing her charisma next to Lee Hyori. In addition, CL has shown her musical talents through her self-composed songs that were part of 2NE1’s recent albums. Unlike singers her age, the 2NE1 member has shown her maturity and style, making her stand out among other female idols.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In also showed her ability to show her charm while performing on stage. Known for her sexy image, Ga In’s strong vocals have stood out among the other female idols. Perhaps it may be due to the years of experience she had singing on stage, but the Brown Eyed Girls’ member has molded her name into the minds of music listeners as a bold and sexy singer.

With many female idol group members making their solo debuts in 2014, there is a greater possibility of the next Lee Hyori skyrocketing to popularity. From Secret‘s Hyosung to T-ara‘s Jiyeon, many familiar faces will be trying to make their mark as a solo artist.

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However, the suggestion we would like to give to these new solo artists is that instead of trying to be the “Next ___,” we would like to see new and fresh ideas, music, and performances that will benefit K-Pop and the varieties of music styles. Through such uniqueness, a singer who could carry on the positive image of sexy singers may perhaps rise to fame.

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