“Golden Cross” Responds to Sexual Content as “Metaphor for the Youth”

The KBS Drama department has released an official statement in regards to the viewers’ complaints about how sexual and provocative the “Golden Cross” story line is for teenagers to watch.

On April 16, one viewer left a comment on the official KBS website on the viewers’ consultation page. The viewer wrote that the content that was shown on the first and second episode isn’t fit for a fifteen-year-old to watch.

The viewer continued on by saying “In the first episode, Kang Ha Yoon, played by Seo Min Ji, visits Director Seo Dong Ha, played by Jung Bo Suk, in order to debut as a celebrity, and sexual contents between the two characters have been broadcast. Also, in the second episode, after Kang Ha Yoon is fired from his position, she gathers information to help her father reclaim his position. But, she was discovered by Seo Dong Ha and content of her getting beat by a golf club was broadcast. It was stated that ‘Golden Cross’ can be watched by those fifteen-years or older so teenagers are allowed to watch it. I’m concerned that it will give teenagers a wrong idea of survival and conscience. From now on, please avoid broadcasting sexual and provocative content. Instead, please show contents of the citizens who are powerless against those with powers and how they resolve that frustration.”

Upon reading this, the KBS Drama Production Department left a reply on the viewers’ consultation page on April 24. “’Golden Cross’ focuses on an ordinary family who has been involved in a conspiracy, which leads them to destruction. Through this, the son becomes a lawyer and fights against those with power and greed in order to reveal the truth behind the conspiracy. This drama was planned in order to show that even in today’s society there is hope for true justice.

“The first and second episode, which was broadcast on April 9 and 10, depicts a scene where Do Yoon’s father, Kang Joo Wan, played by Lee Dae Yeon, is tempted by the secret group called the Golden Cross to illegally sell the Hanmin Bank. Joo Wan declines and Do Yoon’s younger sister, Ha Yoon, is killed by them and Do Yoon’s father is framed for the murder. During this process, Ha Yoon falls for Director Seo Dong Ha’s lies about making her into a celebrity and is forcefully taken to Hong Kong and ends up spending a night with him. She does rebel but in the end, she sacrifices herself as soon as he threatens to harm her family. Regarding the scenes of sexual content and death by getting hit by a golf club, the production team agrees that it may give the teenagers the wrong idea of survival and conscience. We will do our best to look at the details during the production stages.”

Continuing on, “during the first episode, there is a scene where Ha Yoon and Seo Dong Ha first meet at the Hong Kong Hotel and Ha Yoon has a surprised expression while Seo Dong Ha smiles. We produced this scene based on Ha Yoon’s surprised expression at the hotel. This method doesn’t reveal whether there was physical abuse or not and we were trying to show the mental shock that Ha Yoon received. Regarding the violence during the second episode, it was a scene to show the violence of a person with power and we agree that it was violent, but if you look at the bigger picture, it shows the true side of what a person can become and we didn’t want to avoid that scene. That’s why we tried to eliminate the actual scene of Ha Yoon getting hit by a golf club as much as possible and focused on Seo Dong Ha’s expression of madness and the response of the families involved with him. We tried our best to indirectly and metaphorically express that madness through the blood that was spread on the frame, the hand silhouette that was wielding the golf club, the close-up of Ha Yoon’s eyes, and much more.

Lastly, “The scenes are an important part of the program’s plans and the future storyline and in order to express them, the production team struggled deeply. Despite of that, with the thought that it’s inappropriate for teenagers to watch these violent and provocative scenes, the production team will take more responsibility and will produce the remaining episodes carefully.”

The ratings for “Golden Cross” has reached 5.3% for the third episode which was aired on April 23.

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