U-KISS Touches the Hearts of Many by Wearing Yellow Ribbons at Japanese Baseball Game

The boy group U-KISS appeared at the Japan pro baseball stadium.

On April 26, U-KISS stood on the mound for their first pitch at the Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome where the Japanese pro baseball teams SoftBank Hawks and the Seibu Lions played against each other.

It’s a very rare occasion for a Korean to do their first pitch and at the same time, U-KISS  appeared wearing a yellow ribbon, gaining the attention of many.

Before their pitch, the members mentioned the Sewol ferry incident by expressing their sadness and telling the audience of 40,000 not to lose hope. Many Japanese media and Japanese baseball fans showed sadness regarding the incident and expressed their mourning with U-KISS .

U-KISS  voluntarily wore the yellow ribbons without receiving the consent of the staff of the stadium and the national broadcast station beforehand.

Regarding this, the agency explained by saying, “We do feel sorry for not getting consent beforehand from the Japanese broadcast stations and from the staff of the stadium. We also feel the same towards the baseball fans who came to the stadium with a light heart. However, the members were able to receive strength from the baseball fans, the broadcast stations and the viewers who were watching the game as they all gave hope. We’re very thankful.”

The netizens who read about this wrote a variety of responses by saying, “U-KISS  is a conceptual idols, “ “Let’s all share the sadness overseas,” “Although we’re different nationalities, thank you for crying with us and comforting us,” “The ribbon that is on U-KISS  touched my heart.”

U-Kiss Japanese baseball

U-Kiss Japanese baseball


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