Ha Ji Won Poses Charismatically on the Set of “Empress Ki”

Actress, Ha Ji Won, has revealed a photo that was taken on the set of MBC’s “Empress Ki,” which is coming to an end soon.

On April 27, Ha Ji Won uploaded a picture of herself on her Instagram, wearing the costume of the main character, Ki Seung Nyang.

In the picture, Ha Ji Won is wearing a white outfit and sitting by herself on a set that seems to be inside of the Imperial Palace. With a serious expression on her face, she showed the main character’s charisma.

In “Empress Ki,” Ha Ji Won plays the role of Ki Seung Nyang, who was born in Goryeo, and later becomes an empress during the Yuan dynasty. She was able to keep a steady rating of the drama with her presence and acting skills. Currently, there are two episodes until the drama ends. As Ha Ji Won played the role of Ki Seung Nyang, she was able to show a variety of acting from revenge to a mother’s affection, raising the expectations of many for the last two episodes.

Ha Ji Won Empress Ki