Hyun Bin’s “The Fatal Encounter” Already a Box Office Smash

New movie “The Fatal Encounter” has already rocked the box office in Korea, with figures showing that some 280,000 film fans watched it on its opening day. The film, which stars Hyun Bin as a Jonegjo, an 18th-century king, toppled “The Amazing Spiderman 2” to become Korea’s most-watched film on April 30. 

Movie theaters knew that they were in for a box office rush after it was revealed that 60% of advance tickets had been sold before the film had even begun screening. The movie also eclipsed new Korean release “The Target.”

Also starring Jung Jae YoungJo Jung SukJo Jae Hyun and Han Ji Min, “The Fatal Encounter” tells the real-life tale of a tumultuous period of Korean history, as a young king finds himself fending off assassination attempts. It is a world where no one is safe, as many of the plots against him involve members of the royal court. 

The movie marks Hyun Bin’s much-anticipated return to the silver screen after the completion of his military service, and his first ever appearance in a historical feature.