Actress Kang So Ra Dresses Up in Scrubs for “Doctor Stranger”

Actress Kang So Ra recently transformed into a doctor!

The actress tweeted a selca of herself dressed in scrubs with the brief, quirky caption, “Oh, Doctor!” In the photo, the actress can be seen wearing light blue scrubs and all the proper safety apparel for performing surgery or waiting on someone performing surgery. Her close-up photo also revealed her lovely features while busily filming “Doctor Stranger.” 

Netizens commented, “If there was a doctor this beautiful, I would always go to the hospital,” “I’m totally looking forward to ‘Doctor Stranger,’” “I guess you can’t conceal beauty,” and “She even looks great in scrubs!” 

SBS drama, “Doctor Stranger” will be airing its first episode on May 5.

In related news, the director of “Doctor Stranger” let it be known that he decided to cast Kang So Ra after being taken in by her feminine yet boyish charm.