Honey Lee Cast in New tvN drama “Marriage, Not Dating”

Actress, Honey Lee, has been casted as the lead female role for the new tvN drama, “Marriage, Not Dating.”

On May 1, according to an official of the program, Honey Lee has been casted for the lead female role, Park Chan Bi, who’s originally from the countryside but works at a luxury brand store. It has been known that this drama will be aired after “Gapdong.

Actor, Yeon Woo Jin, has also been casted as the lead male role, Gong Ki Tae, who graduated from an Ivy League college and is an expert in plastic surgery. A romantic relationship will be developed between the two characters as they bicker with each other throughout the drama.

According to an official from tvN, they said, “At the moment, Honey Lee is coordinating with the staff regarding the role of Park Chan Bi.” Honey Lee’s current agency, King Kong Entertainment, commented that, “She is positively reviewing the role.”

“Marriage, Not Dating,” is a drama where Gong Ki Tae introduces Park Chan Bi as his girlfriend to his family, knowing that they won’t approve of the relationship, in order to make his family give up on pressuring him into marriage. Last year, the same writer who wrote “Waiting for Love,” with BoA and Daniel Choi, will be writing for this drama. Also, Song Hyun Wook, the producer of KBS’s “Brain” and “Haeundae Lover,” will be in charge of production. The drama will be aired at the end of June.

Currently, Honey Lee is appearing on MBC’s variety Show, “Four Sons, One Daughter” as the only daughter and is receiving a lot of love because of it. She is currently filming the movie, “Tazza 2,” and is handling a lot activities.