Teen Top’s Niel Exercises for “Law of the Jungle”

Teen Top’s Niel, also known as the “Weak Dol,” is busy building his body.

Recently, it has been confirmed that he will be appearing on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.” For this episode, the crew will be going to the India and Niel has made a firm decision to show his manly side through this show.

Niel has been gaining a lot of popularity by putting on sleek performances. This time, he said he is planning on showing a different side of him and has been exercising intensely by swimming, working out at the gym and many more.

According one official, on May 1, “Teen Top has been scheduled to make a comeback this summer and in order to show a different charm, all the members have been doing their best when exercising. Out of all the members, Niel has been managing his health in order show a different side of himself on ‘Law of the Jungle.”

During New Years, SBS aired a New Years special program called, “Fists of Shaolin Temple,” where Niel and Rose Motel’s Yook Joong Wan appeared. They were able to make the audience laugh their struggles. At the time, Niel commented that, “Out of all the idols, I was picked first place as the ‘Weak Dol,” and I wanted to show that in real life I have a manly side as well.” Although he was able to gain confidence by showing potential in stick fighting skills, he plans on showing a more manly side through “Law of the Jungle.”

In this upcoming episode, it has been confirmed that Uee and the band, Royal Pilot’s, James, will be appearing as well. On May 1, the producer of the show, Park Mi Yeon, explained that, “Casting is still in progress. I believe the list of guests will be finalized within this week.”

Continuing on, “We are planning on casting members who have never been to the jungle before. There is a member who is older than Chief Kim Byung Man. Please look forward to the new guests.” This episode is schedule to be aired in July.

Check out the still of Niel when he appeared on “Fists of Shaolin Temple” and make sure to watch this episode of “Law of Jungle” to see Niel’s manly side!

noel on shaolin temple