IU Will Be Holding a Concert for Victims of Sewol Ferry Incident

IU will be holding a concert for those who have been affected by the Sewol Ferry incident and entire amount will be donated to the victims.

From May 22 through May 25 and from May 29 to June 1, IU will be holding a total of eight shows at the Sogang University’s Mary Hall. The name of the solo concert will be, “Just one step…Just As Much As That.” According to an official from IU’s agency, they said, “IU has expressed her opinion of wanting to donate the entire amount that was earned through this small concert.”

For this concert, the agency explained that they are planning on delivering good music in a small space so that the audience can relate. Unlike the large concert that was held at Kyung Hee University during November of last year, a different kind of fun and affection will be shown.

Meanwhile, IU is planning on releasing an album this month consisting of classic songs that has been remade to match her voice and tone.