Kahi Talks About an Obsessive Ex-Boyfriend on “Witch Hunt”

On an episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” Kahi appeared as a guest on the second half of the show and revealed a story about her obsessive ex-boyfriend. She shared that when she broke up with him, he threatened that he would kill himself.

On this episode, a viewer of the show had sent in her story about being with a very obsessive boyfriend.

After hearing this, Kahi shared her own personal story, “I have had a similar experience. When I told my ex-boyfriend I wanted to break up, he said he would die. He threatened, ‘I’m on the third floor veranda right now and I’m going to jump off.’” Kahi explained that even when she tried to talk him out of it for three hours, he still wouldn’t listen to her.

Everyone in the studio focused their attention on her story. Then, one of the hosts of “Witch Hunt,” Shin Dong Yup, sneakily implied that the ex-boyfriend might be a celebrity by asking Kahi, “But he still appears on television just fine, right?” However, he refused to give Kahi a chance to reply to the question, causing the entire studio to break out into laughter.