San E, Swings and Tablo Will Appear on “Show Me the Money 3” As Producers

The popular rappers, Tablo, San E and Swings will be appearing on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3,” perfecting a strong line-up.

Although it hasn’t been finalized yet, they did agree to join the show, but as of right now, they are making some last minute tweaking. The three rappers will join from the first round of elimination as producers and are planning on showing a fierce competition.

Previously, Yang Dong Geun, The Quiett and Dok2 team joined as producers. Now that these three new rappers are joining in, many are looking forward to the various music they will be able to access.

Currently, it is most likely that Swings and San E will appear as one team and there is a high possibility that another member will join to be one team with Tablo.

According to an official of the show, they said, “It hasn’t been decided yet. After discussing about it, I believe an accurate picture will be shown.”

“Show Me the Money 3” is currently expecting to be aired during beginning of July.