Charismatic Soccer Team Profiles Released for “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”

On May 5, KBS 2TV’s “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” has been garnering attention after revealing the profile photos of the 10-member soccer team that will be participating in the show’s soccer episode.

In the stills, the team members are seen displaying their own distinct and confident poses on top of a grass field with the soccer stadium as a backdrop. Former soccer player Lee Young Pyo looks self-assured with his arms crossed, radiating charisma. As a goalkeeper, Kang Ho Dong’s scowling face gives off an intimidating vibe.

Also in the profile cuts, BEAST members Yoon Doo Joon and Lee Ki Kwang show off a manly image with their strong, muscular bodies and intense eye gazes. Additionally, the other members including Jung Hyung Don, Lee Jung, Seo Ji Suk, Goo Ja Myung, and more show their charismatic appeal as well.

On the upcoming May 6 broadcast of “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,” the show’s soccer team will have a friendly match with the soccer team from Lee Young Pyo’s alma mater school, Anyang High School. According to the show’s producers, the match between these two teams was a thrilling one.

Tune into “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education” on May 6 at 11:10 PM (KST) on KBS 2TV to watch the exciting soccer match!