Seungri and Dara Transform into V-Dragon and Doom Dara

On May 5, Seungri updated his Twitter account with a photo of himself and 2NE1‘s Dara dressed up as G-Dragon and T.O.P! Dara also shared the photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “GD&TOP? No no no no! We’re V-Dragon and Doom Dara.”

Seungri’s outfit and style appear to be inspired by G-Dragon’s fashion in his “MichiGO” music video, whereas Dara is seen wearing a mustache and big bow-tie similar to T.O.P’s from “Doomdada” music video. The two appeared to have dressed up to give fans a preview of what to expect at the “2014 YG Family Concert!

Netizens commented, “Is this for a special performance at the YG Family concert,” “Instead of GD and TOP, Seungri and Dara? I think the image suits them,” and “I’m looking forward to their performance. I wonder how different it will be?”