Yoo In Na Becomes a Narrator for “Human Documentary Love”

For the National Family Month, MBC is planning on airing the first episode of “Deum Jik Over Flower” for “Human Documentary Love.” Also, actress Yoo In Na will be narrating the first episode, making this a more special episode.

On May 5, while announcing that Yoo In Na is narrating “Human Documentary Love,” the staff and Yoo In Na also revealed the short interview they had.

According to one official, recently, actress Yoo In Na has been traveling back and forth from Korea to China due to her busy schedule. Two days before her dubbing schedule, she was in China and on the day she was scheduled to dub, she had finished filming till dawn, putting her in a really tiring state. Since she has done narrations in the past, like the pro she is, she calmed down her voice and started dubbing with her unique and comfortable, yet charming voice.

This episode with Samhyewon’s mischievous children is an episode where even professionals won’t be able to hold in their laughter. It is reported that Yoo In Na and the dubbing staff couldn’t stop smiling after watching the F4 childrens’ funny dialogue. Yoo In Na laughed the hardest when Eun Byul would continuously scratch the surface of the plate, trying to eat everything that was on her plate.

Through the children’s bright appearance, Yoo In Na’s voice automatically became very light, but during the end of the episode when Deum Jik’s parting with his friends was shown, they had to pause the dubbing. As Ye Rin was crying, she said, “Deum Jik, don’t go,” and the tears that Deum Jik tried to hold back flowed down his cheeks, making the staff tear up as well.

After the dubbing, Yoo In Na said to the staff, “Thank you for allowing me to take part in a project like this.” Yoo In Na has known that “Human Documentary Love” is a program where they air stories that really touches the hearts and making the viewers very emotional. She commented that this episode has a different aspect that’s different from all the other episodes.

Yoo In Na was so interested in the lovely friendship between Deum Jik and Ye Rin that after she was done dubbing, she was busy throwing questions at the staff. She asked questions about Deum Jik, whether he was doing fine, if he was healthy and what kind of a place Samhyewon is, showing that she had interest. Yoo In Na said, “Thanks to the children, I laughed a lot and even cried, automatically healing me,” assuring that the viewers will receive a lot of strength from watching the four children.

The first episode of “Deum Jik Over Flower” with Yoo In Na’s narration will be aired on May 6.

Below is the interview the staff had with Yoo In Na.

– What made you decide to narrate for “Human Documentary Love?”

“It’s because I like ‘Human Documentary Love.’ I thought that this program always shows a warm theme so if it’s that then I should definitely do it, is what I thought.”

– What are your thoughts after participating in “Human Documentary Love?”

“It’s great because it feels like I’m getting healed every time I narrate. This time, though, I really cried at different parts throughout the show so it was hard trying to calm myself down. If I didn’t have anything scheduled at the moment, I would go meet the Samhyewon children. I’m really thankful that there are angel-like children and at the same I feel sorry.”

– Do you like children?

“I really like them. I really like children that whenever I meet a child while passing by, I don’t just pass by them. We either talk about something or joke around with each other.”

– Through the recent Sewol Ferry incident, many are devastated by it but what kind of hope do you think it will give those who watch this episode?

“Truthfully, the entire nation is really tired right now. I cried and mourned a lot because of that incident. I think when the viewers watch this and see the smiles on the children’s faces, they’ll think that we should do a little more. I also think there will be a warm movement, like going to meet those children because they like them. I’m looking forward to it. Through that, won’t everyone be healed?”

– What kind of love do you think they are showing?

“As I was watching this, it seemed like a movie. There’s a director and a writer and in order to stir something within these children, the situation seemed like they gave them a script but it’s happening in real life. The way they cared for each other seemed as if someone wrote it and as if I was watching a movie like, I was emotional. Especially when Ye Rin was looking at the camera and shouted that she missed Deum Jik, I thought, ‘That is what you call sincerity.’ Scenes where she would get food and feed it to him moved me as well. Also with the scene where Deum Jik gave Ye Rin a hair band on her way to school. Thinking like that without being taught is what love truly is.”

– If you were to recommend ‘Deum Jik Over Flower’ to the viewers?

“You know how we tend to not know things until we see it and we don’t know things until we’ve experienced it. I just want the viewers to put their trust into ‘Human Documentary Love’ and watch this episode. For those people whose hearts have been broken, people who are tired of something, I think it would be good to invest one hour of their time to watch ‘Human Documentary Love’ because I believe a light will shine somewhere within their hearts.”

– Did you receive a treasure you weren’t expecting?

“Yes, I didn’t think I would get something out of this. It was very warm and very fun. As I was watching these children, I was thinking if it was okay for me to have fun like this, and it was up to the point where I would start stuttering through the script. I made a couple of mistakes like this because I was so focused on the story. I couldn’t help it because the children were so bright and cute.”

Meanwhile, “Deum Jik Over Flower” is a documentary about Deum Jik who was abandoned by his mother after being born at a Single Mother Protection Center. Deum Jik is a four year old child who has a serious disorder of cerebral palsy, where he is unable to move his arms, legs, and neck. It’s hard to find someone who will adopt him due to this disorder so they sent him to a child welfare center in Samhyewon, located in Yeosoo city. There, he will grow with the children and the mothers who will watch over him.

The episode airs May 6.


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